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"Patrology is the door through which we can enter into the church and attain her spirit, which affects our inner life, conduct and behavior." This is a collection of lectures given by Father Tadros Ma...

In this work, Father Tadros Malaty explains the Coptic Orthodox conception of "tradition" through the holy Bible, patristic thought and practical church life.

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It's been said that "On the Incarnation" by St. Athanasius is required reading for any Christian. 

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An amazing explanation of the Liturgy from Fr. Paul Girgis.

Paradise of the Spirt: Coptic Orthodox Reflections on Pastoral Care and Christian Life

by the Late Bishop Youanis of Gharbia

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A work containing thirty-eight "canons", which "Hippolytus, the chief of the bishops of Rome, wrote according to the commands of the apostles", in order to develop the rites of the early Church.


A historical survey that provides "a detailed biographical narrative which reveals how this important emperor transformed Christianity from a persecuted minority cult into an established majority reli...

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