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2016 Gala Letter from Abouna Gregory, "On Prayer"

Click here to download Abouna Gregory's letter to the congregation from the 2016 Gala.

"One of the most fundamental aspects of our Christian faith, is in having a close, personal & intimate relationship with our God. And never was man so close to God, as when the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. For it was in our Lord Jesus Christ, that He taught us how we should pray through the Lord’s prayer. It was in this prayer that God, was not just a deity to be feared, but a Father to be neared.

"Prayer, was never foreign to God’s people, as it was a channel to tug at His most tender heart and ear. The creation never quite forgot the Creator, and the Creator never did lose sight of His creation and for years they actively spoke and for years He actively listened. Prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of praise, prayers of necessity, prayers of repentance, prayers of faith, prayers of intercession for each other and much much more."

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